Purification & Healer Visit Tour

“Melukat” is Balinese word for a purification ceremony which Balinese believe it could purify mind and soul of human spiritually. Melukat aims to remove and cleanse any bad influence from present as well as past life. Balinese used to do this ceremony in a holy spring where it is believed has a spiritual healing power, with some prepared “Banten” (Balinese offering). We would like to invite you to witness this Melukat ceremony in one of sacred holy spring in village of Sebatu. Located 20 minutes’ drive from Ubud, this spring has been well-known by Balinese all over the island for its healing power and particularly for young new married to bless their married life.

After purification, we will visit one of local “Balian” or healer. Balian is someone that is believed to be blessed with ability to see the other dimension of human body and soul. With offering and incense, some kind of ritual will be conducted to observe whether any problem exist within someone’s soul which often caused problem physically such as insomnia, depression, headache and so on. He also has an ability to do palmistry and see one’s fortune by reading palm.


1 Participant                                                    IDR 550K  per person

2 participants or more                                     IDR 450K  per person


Departure time will be decided by the Healer,

Inclusion : All Included, just prepare your self with a Second Clothes and Money (if you have an additional Purchase)

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